Daiwa CC80



The Daiwa CC80 is a small, entry-level baitcasting reel built around an ultra-light carbon composite frame. Value and performance are the name of the game with the CC80, as it provides tournament grade performance and reliability.

  • Ultra-light carbon composite frame
  • Super light 6.9 ounces is easy to palm.
  • Magnetic cast control allows the user to optimize and tailor their reel's performance to different techniques and fishing conditions.
  • 32mm double anodized aluminum spool and 90mm swept handle
  • 6.8:1 and 7.5:1 gear ratios make spooling in smooth and super fast.

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Right or Left hand retrieve

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The CC80 excels at lessening the strain on the angler during long days of fishing, especially when frequently flipping and cranking.

Additionally, the CC80 features magnetic cast control, allowing the user to optimize and tailor their reel's performance to different techniques and fishing conditions. To further reduce the reel's weight and improve performance, Daiwa built the CC80 with a 32mm double anodized aluminum spool. Finished off with a 90mm swept handle, the CC80 delivers lightweight, compact performance that puts other casting reels at this price point to shame.

Available in 6.8:1 and 7.5:1 gear ratios in Right Hand retrieve and 7.5:1 gear ratio in Left Hand retrieve.


Find the reel that's right for you. Baitcasting reels, spinning reels, open or closed face reels, rounds, and side travelers are all great for most types of freshwater or shallow saltwater fishing. Which reel you use depends upon your chosen methods and personal style of reeling in the big ones. Many reels are made for a specific type of fishing or species of fish and it's good to check into them for the model that's best for you. Those come designed and built just for their specific method of fishing. Some prove to be the right tool for the job but can be limited to other applications. Don't let the so-called common norm govern how you fish or the gear you use. I've caught many a trout and bass with the same type reel. You don't have to have a boat either.