DAIWA Coastal SV TW 150


DAIWA Coastal SV TW 150

A new-sized baitcaster designed for light tackle inshore saltwater enthusiasts, the COASTAL SV TW 150 is ideal for Gulf Coast redfish and speckled trout specialists where, small plastics and popping cork set-ups are popular. With the reel’s many features, it will easily crossover into many coastal inshore saltwater applications.

The reel is small, compact and palmable with a deeper 150 size spool in a 100 size reel body. The SV Spool is strong and capable of tolerating the increased pressures of braided line. The T-Wing System allows the line to pass freely, without friction, through the level wind’s eye, on a long cast.

This small reel is substantial and stout built around an aluminum frame and side plate. The innovative Zaion Star Drag is a high density carbon strain material that is 20% stronger and 50% lighter than traditional nylon and aluminum. A 100mm Swept Handle makes hard cranking comfortable and natural.

  • Daiwa's exclusive T-Wing Line Guide
  • 8 Bearing system! (2CRBB + 5BB + 1RB)
  • Super Fast Cranking 7.1:1 & 8.1:1 Gear Ratios
  • 100mm Swpet Handle for Power & Control

Sporting the awesome SV spool system, ensuring backlash free casting, the Daiwa Coastal SV TW 150 is slimmer, smaller and lighter than it's bigger 200 size cousin. The aluminum frame and side plate for rugged duty is light and tough.

If a light tackle inshore workhorse reel is on your wish list, look no further than Daiwa’s compact yet powerful COASTAL SV TW 150, a baitcaster for today’s angler.

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Select Hand & Gearing :
Model Number Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per Handle Turn Wt (oz.) Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards) Drag Max Handle
CLSVTW150HS 2CRBB, 5BB, 1RB 7.1:1 29.9" 6.9 MONO: 16/125, 20/100 / J-BRAID: 20/220, 30/165 11 RIGHT
CLSVTW150HSL 2CRBB, 5BB, 1RB 7.1:1 29.8" 6.9 MMONO: 16/125, 20/100 / J-BRAID: 20/220, 30/165 11 LEFT
CLSVTW150XS 2CRBB, 5BB, 1RB 8.1:1 33.9" 6.9 MONO: 16/125, 20/100 / J-BRAID: 20/220, 30/165 11 RIGHT